The Trauma Healing Tour

The Trauma Healing Tour is led by Marianna Sousa, multimedia journalist, educator and author of Own Your Shit, a refreshing self-help  guide focused on mental health and emotional hygiene. This workbook serves as a tool for those who are ready to rehabilitate on the path to personal health and wellness.


The Trauma Healing Tour's workshops establish community partnerships with organizations who support access to mental health services and trauma-informed care for all. This includes local businesses and organizations committed to providing public health and safety awareness resources for the home, school, neighborhood and workplace.


Miss Marianna's hip and energetic approach to rehabilitation and personal development has created a mighty buzz, as participants share testimonies of feeling "refreshed", "renewed" and "overwhelmingly relieved" to better understand and overcome anxiety and depression. 


The goal is to provide safe spaces and practical mental healthcare solutions, to build healthier communities.


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The Refresh - Reality TV Show

The Refresh is a documentary-style TV series where guests face personal conflicts directly connected to life trauma. Each episode profiles a guest-ready to remove the blockage from personal growth and development. The emotional storytelling journey exposes a variety of talented people struggling with the heartbreaking realities of trauma and mental health issues. Host Marianna Sousa serves as a compassionate witness as guests are introduced to challenges, activities, and advice to help prevent personal crisis and begin the healing journey. 

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