• Miss Marianna

Who’s Raising Who?

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

All that celebrity drama is cute and marketable in fantasy land —until our kids come back unmotivated, confused, lost, traumatized or raped (mentally, emotionally and/or physically). 

Reality is... the every day average kid (adults get sucked in too) doesn’t always view highly promoted destructive behavior as mere entertainment, they see it as a way of life.  

High risk celebrity lifestyles couple well with those struggling to escape feelings of depression and anxiety. If anything—folks in pain love to flex spending power on entertainment, it’s exciting! 

Sometimes it helps distract us from our own real life disfunction, often leading us to normalize our own mental and emotional hygiene issues. 

If we’re not careful our entertainment will justify and reward behaviors that destroy us internally. 

We are more valuable as consumers when we are broken. 

Healthy folks with strong minds don’t accept just anything.  

No matter how much we want to believe in how we “raised our kids”... we have to admit the world has a lot more access (in a 24 hour day)to them then we do. 


...what we watchin? 

...what we listening to?

...what are we silently co-signing?

Yes we’re grown... it’s always our prerogative to do what we want. 

If we care about our children and their future, we may have to be honest about the effects that entertainment has on their growth and development. We still gotta know the real from the unreal... no matter how popular it is. 

We must admit, our children are looking up to many celebrities who are in the business of being rewarded for displaying zero self love and respect. 

I’m not here to take away alllll the fun but if it means saving a child from the grips of mental and emotional exploitation— Ima say something. 

I’m not your enabling friend.... but I will always be your distant, long winded, loving auntie....

If you see me in these streets, and this resonates with you just hit me with that good hood greeting, “Haaaaaay auntie....” 

Mari cares, if don’t nobody else care. 


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