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Mental Health and Emotional Hygiene Check In

Welp. Human beings around the world are being quarantined due to the COVID-19 Virus outbreak and this has created a drastic shift in our mindsets. Some of us are falling into deep bouts of anxiety and depression while others may be in complete disbelief or denial that the pandemic exists. No matter how we feel about it’s origin and politics, the COVID-19 Virus has begun to effect everyday life for many people.

There are two general ways to carry our inner selves and it can determine much of our experienced outcomes. This shows throughout our lives, especially during challenging times. Much of what our mind thinks determines how we feel and respond to just about everyone and everything.

A negative mindset can create a negative experience. This can include feelings and thoughts that make us fearful, panicky, worrisome, insecure, overwhelmed, hypersensitive, irritable, cynical, critical, judgmental, condescending, sarcastic, confrontational and over reactive.

A positive mindset can create a positive experience. This can include feelings and thoughts of confidence, balance, self esteem, open-mindedness, security, kindness, patience, cooperation, flexibility, understanding, worthiness, creativity, abundance, hope, productivity and ambition.

Mental Health and Emotional Hygiene Tips

Here are a few great questions to ask yourself at the start of a new day:

1. What do I want to think and feel today?

2. Who is responsible for the way I think and feel?

3. How will I decide to carry my inner self today?

4. How will I set the tone for my inner self today?

5. What will I do to uphold my commitments today?

6. Am I willing to be held accountable for my manners today?

7. When will I create time to balance my heart and mind, if necessary today?

8. Am I willing to realign, readjust and move forward today?

It has always been my mission to create personal awareness and inspiration for everyday people who seek practical tools to mange mental and emotional hygiene. I sincerely believe we have the power to overcome our lives greatest struggles. May this deep reminder highlight realistic ways to feel grounded and gain clarity along your journey to good health a wellness.

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Mari cares... if don’t nobody else care.

I got you. #mariworks #ownyourshit

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This A.M., I got a call from a young woman I worked with in a session a few years ago. At the time I was still working on my trauma healing/ emotional hygiene book, so it wasn’t published to give to her... but she trusted me.

She has blossomed and grown immensely. She has overcome much of her suffering and is now following her dreams with a level of confidence that has changed her entire life. She is stable and pursuing her life’s purpose. Now she is much more disciplined and is using her gifts to bless others.


She thanked me ... and even though she had no idea, my eyes filled with tears and flowed like a river. She had no idea how much that charged me to continue on my earth and spirit walk. I needed that. 

If you know you have a mission and a calling... do your healing so that you can get out of your own way and walk your path. She is headed in a divine direction and serving her purpose.  

I say this to remind you how we are all connected.  We are all valuable. We are not invisible. 

I can’t wait to see her. She wants a copy of the book and I am thrilled to put it in her hands. 

Keep doing the work, even when you feel tired, worn out and all alone.  #ownyourshit, it’s worth it. 

  • Miss Marianna

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

All that celebrity drama is cute and marketable in fantasy land —until our kids come back unmotivated, confused, lost, traumatized or raped (mentally, emotionally and/or physically). 

Reality is... the every day average kid (adults get sucked in too) doesn’t always view highly promoted destructive behavior as mere entertainment, they see it as a way of life.  

High risk celebrity lifestyles couple well with those struggling to escape feelings of depression and anxiety. If anything—folks in pain love to flex spending power on entertainment, it’s exciting! 

Sometimes it helps distract us from our own real life disfunction, often leading us to normalize our own mental and emotional hygiene issues. 

If we’re not careful our entertainment will justify and reward behaviors that destroy us internally. 

We are more valuable as consumers when we are broken. 

Healthy folks with strong minds don’t accept just anything.  

No matter how much we want to believe in how we “raised our kids”... we have to admit the world has a lot more access (in a 24 hour day)to them then we do. 


...what we watchin? 

...what we listening to?

...what are we silently co-signing?

Yes we’re grown... it’s always our prerogative to do what we want. 

If we care about our children and their future, we may have to be honest about the effects that entertainment has on their growth and development. We still gotta know the real from the unreal... no matter how popular it is. 

We must admit, our children are looking up to many celebrities who are in the business of being rewarded for displaying zero self love and respect. 

I’m not here to take away alllll the fun but if it means saving a child from the grips of mental and emotional exploitation— Ima say something. 

I’m not your enabling friend.... but I will always be your distant, long winded, loving auntie....

If you see me in these streets, and this resonates with you just hit me with that good hood greeting, “Haaaaaay auntie....” 

Mari cares, if don’t nobody else care. 


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