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Healing Arts & Education

The nature of nurturing education,

is my gift to you 

-Marianna Sousa

Mariworks Productions provides interactive keynotes, workshops and special event facilitations designed to boost self-awareness, restorative practices and healthy strategies for the home, school, neighborhood and workplace. Services are customized to clients’ needs including specialized programs rooted in culturally responsive, trauma-informed care initiatives centered in safety awareness and crisis prevention.                                                                                      

The mission is to uplift the importance of creating highly engaging safe-space experiences to practice real-world strategies and activities that foster best outcomes for personal and professional growth.


Through the intersection of education and entertainment, known as “edutainment”, each experience provided is a refreshing opportunity for participants to explore and empower interpersonal effectiveness, mental health and emotional hygiene practices.  


Mariworks Productions provides curriculum and programming designed to inspire problem-solving and social wellness for community organizations, educational institutions and corporations who understand the importance of self-awareness, accountability, collective work and responsibility.

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My edutainment mission is to excite community members with opportunities that agitate greatness.

-Marianna Sousa

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