Miss Marianna

Edutainment Specialist, Lead Facilitator, Author and "Emotional Hygienist"

When we heal, learn and grow individually, we're also doing our part to save the planet.

Marianna Sousa, a non-traditional educator, author and multimedia journalist has a passion for creating impact through “edutainment”. A graduate from The Maynard Institute for Journalism Sacramento Voices program and the NPR Next Generation Radio Training project at Capital Public Radio, through multimedia storytelling, she serves as a community correspondent focused on wellness and building healthy lifestyles. As a non-traditional educator, she teaches the art of community storytelling through the scope of contemporary multimedia art and culture. 

With extensive community work in leadership, Marianna honed in on her ability to connect, advocate and provide training for students, staff, faculty and administrators as Los Rios Community College student trustee and representative for over 80,000 students. As the voice for student interests and campus life, she contributed to student-led statewide bills to increase campus safety with a focus on mental health awareness and advocacy for unhomed students.

For over 20 years Marianna’s commitment to creating down-to-earth methods to serve and heal communities is attributed to her goal to leave her community more beautiful and beneficial than when she inherited it. Her established body of work serves as a culturally responsive and highly engaging approach to trauma-informed care, restorative justice, leadership, public health and safety.  Her curriculum, creative content and training continue to inspire students, staff, faculty and administrators who seek personal, professional and institutional transformation.

My edutainment mission is to excite  community members with opportunities that agitate greatness.

Marianna Sousa

Multimedia Journalist, Host and MC 

Marianna Sousa

Mariworks Productions

Mariworks Productions is a multimedia arts organization that provides culturally responsive pedagogy designed to boost self-awareness, restorative practices and healthy strategies for success in the home, school, neighborhood and workplace. Services are customized to clients’ needs including programs for one-on-one sessions, interactive workshops and keynote presentations as well as training facilitation, retreats and special events. Specialized Mariworks Productions programs are conducted in the local community, regional and statewide initiatives within sectors centered in education, healing arts, trauma-informed care, equity and inclusion.

                                                                                      The mission is to uplift the importance of public health and safety as well as crisis prevention through creating safe spaces with real-world strategies and activities that include storytelling, positive coping methods and practical tools to foster best outcomes for personal and professional growth. Mariworks Productions specializes in promoting community healing and wellness through the scope of creative expression, critical thinking and therapeutic self-care. 

Through the intersection of education and entertainment, known as “edutainment”, each experience provided is a refreshing opportunity for participants to explore the power of maintaining an active lifestyle with mental health, emotional hygiene and physical health care practices.