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Own Your SHIT with Miss Marianna:

Own Your SHIT, a self help guide and trauma healing workbook, is full of activities for those who are ready to recognize root causes and effects that often lead depression, anxiety and unhealthy habits. This workbook is ideal for those who are seeking personal breakthroughs to own up, overcome obstacles to operate with a deeper sense self-awareness, healing and care. 

Take the Own Your SHIT Self Assessment: 

  • Do I struggle with anxiety and/or depression? 

  • Do I suffer from deep overwhelming feelings of frustration or anger?

  • Do I feel lost in self-loathing, doubt or hopelessness? 

  • Do I harbor harmful secrets, shame or guilt? 

  • Do I feel unworthy, invisible or unimportant?

  • Do I wallow low self-esteem, body dysmorphia,

  • Do I engage in risky or attention-seeking behaviors to feel a sense of value or importance?

  • Do I have issues with self-control or the need to constantly control others?

  • Have I experienced (or witnessed ) a traumatic life experience? 

  • Have I been abused or abused someone mentally, emotionally or physically?

  • Do I seem to constantly have problems with confrontation or drama in my life?

  • Do I depend on people, places or things such as food, alcohol, smoking, shopping, sex, social media, excessive work or unhealthy relationships to ease the pain of mental/emotional problems? 

Gift yourself or a loved one to a copy of Own Your SHIT,

  it's a great way to support mental health and emotional hygiene. 

Overwhelmed with anxiety and depression?

Struggling with emotional meltdowns?

Tired of mental roadblocks?

Life circumstances got you constantly

frustrated and out of balance?

If this is you, it’s time to...

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