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Refresh Session Plan

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First-Time Refresh Session

2 hr



As a certified mental health first aider, emotional hygienist and compassionate witness—I understand that many of us simply need a safe space experience that foster:

Culturally Responsive Practices

Trauma-Informed Care

Guided Self-Help Activities

Self-Acceptance Strategies

Accountability Planning

Rehabilitative Life Mapping


When we can release our stressful thoughts and emotions regularly, we can relieve ourselves of the tension and blockage that hinders us from healing and growth as well as personal and professional development. 


Help yourself or a loved one to a strengths-based approach the self-healing journey. Refresh Session, trauma-informed mental/emotional health care consulting services.

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Great questions to ask ourselves when having mental/emotional struggles:


Do I struggle with mental/emotional health issues such as anxiety or depression? 


Do I suffer from deep feelings of anger, self-loathing, doubt, hopelessness, harmful secrets, shame, guilt, unworthiness, low self-esteem, body dysmorphia, worthlessness or paranoia? 


Do I depend on people, places or things such as food, alcohol, smoking, shopping, sex, social media, excessive work or unhealthy relationships to ease the pain of mental/emotional problems? 


Do I engage in risky or attention-seeking behaviors to feel a sense of value or importance?

Do I have issues with self-control or the need to constantly control others?

Have I experienced (or witnessed ) trauma? 

Have I been abused or abused someone mentally, emotionally or physically?


Do I seem to constantly have drama in my life?

How often do I receive effective mental/emotional health care support services/sessions? 


Am I willing to sacrifice one of my vices, addictions or uncontrollable cravings to prioritize and afford my mental/emotional health care? 


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